Skyrim Spells And Powers Updated

I have released new version of Skyrim Spells And Powers modification. New version is uploaded on Steam Workshop and on Nexus. Here is a list of changes and improvements.

  • New spell: Lightning Ball
  • New spell: Shock Ball
  • New spell: Cure Disease
  • New spell: Red Spirit
  • New spell: Soul Ripper(previously Death awaits)
  • Tarquan now sells 24/7.
  • Bow of Epirus and Bow of Niflheimr are temperable and craftable.
  • New Epirus bow.
  • Magicka cost of the spells reduced.
  • Some of the sounds of the spells were bugged. They are now fixed.
  • Eorlund Gray-Mane now sells the Epirus Bow and Bow Of Niflheimr.
  • Completely new books for Master the space-Time Continuum spells-The Lost Knowledge Of Time GuardiansCheaper prices.
  • Minor fixes

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