I created a new site for my mods, videos, pictures and so on. I won't be updating this site anymore. Those who are joined to this site, please join to the new site as well. I will try to keep it more updated than this. I have already posted a new article on the new site. Go and check it out.WKCREATIONS


Skyrim Spells And Powers - New Age

Here is second footage of the upcoming sequel to my Skyrim Spells And Powers modification.


New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat

The goal of this modification is to give the player more interesting unarmed combat animations. I always wanted to have an ability to kick and hit. With this modification, it will be possible. Special thanks go to nexus user evanoblivion, who created these fantastic new animations.

With this modification you can combine your unarmed attacks. You can hit, hit and then kick and hit again. Or you can just kick, kick and kick or hit. The unarmed combat will be much funnier and looks a lot better.

I have changed the power attacks of unarmed combat to different kind of kicks. This mod changes the left arm power attack, right arm power attack and the power attack with both hands.

Unarmed Warfare - New Animations For Hand To Hand Combat


Skyrim Spells And Powers - New Age - First Footage

Here is first footage of my upcoming sequel to Skyrim Spells And Powers. Modification is still a work in progress and many of the things seen in the video might still change, effects and so on. This new video introduces spells trap, levitate and paralyze pulse. Also one power which is called Bound Magical Cuirass.

Here is a little bit more info about the spells and powers.

  • Trap - This spell is an elemental prison. When the spell hits it's target, it freezes the target instantly. Target cannot move or do anything when the spell's effect is on. 

  • Levitate - This spell allows the player to walk in the air.

  • Paralyze Pulse - This spell paralyzes the target and throws the target away.

  • Bound Magical Cuirass - This is a power and can be used only once per day. Allows the player to cast magical "armor", which gives the player 90% immunity to any incoming attacks. Also with a chance to deliver a powerfull counter attack(seen in the video)


Skyrim Spells And Powers - New Age

Many of you probably thought that I'm not doing modifications anymore, because I have been "offline" lately and I haven't given any info or updates lately. But I'm happy to prove you wrong.

I have been working on with new project which is called Skyrim Spells And Powers - New Age. As many of you probably figured it out from the name, it's going to be a sequel to my previous popular mod Skyrim Spells And Powers.

My goal is to create a well balanced spell-bundle with unique spells and powers. I'm going to put some time to this mod, because I want to make the new age as good as it can be. Stay tuned! I will release new info when the time is right, but now I'm focused at making this mod.


New update for Skyrim Spells And Powers Modification


I have released a new update for Skyrim Spells And Powers modification. The latest update fixes the Clear Weather spell and adds one new useful spell which is called Fortify Carry Weight. Currently this new update is only uploaded to skyrimnexus. This is because of the problems that I have encountered with Steam.