Hello people of Skyrim,

Here is some footage of the spell which is coming in the next update. The spell is called Force Cloak.


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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Very nice ! Would be great if you could add some kind of shield/ward/bubble effect that surrounds the player when the spell is active.

    I know that the dawnguard DLC already got a spell effect that looks exactly like that (if you've played it already from the dawnguard point of view you'll know what I mean).
    Here's a link to see the spell effect if you haven't : , it's called "stendarr's aura"( you can skip to 2:53 if you want to see it straight away).

    While dawnguard hasn't been released yet for PC, it could be a cool thing when it does..if you chose to as well xD

    Thanks for sharing your cool work man ! Thumbs up!