People Of Skyrim,

Here I am again, posting new articles.

I want to give you some more information about the upcoming spell-bundle. The new power which is coming to the bundle, is Force Grip. I posted a short video, which I made in ten minutes, to show it a little bit. I hope that you guys liked it.

I have remade all of the spells to work on 1.6 update.

So, the new spell isn't the only new thing that is coming to the pack. I have rebuilt the Force Fire, Force Ice and Force Lightning spells. One thing is that I have reduced the mana cost, which was over too much. Also the spells are now Master level spells. I have also added the push effect to all of these three spells.

There is also one spell that isn't coming in the spell-bundle. It's the Greybeard Phantom spell. The main reason is that most of the people didn't like it or just didn't download and use it.

I have captured couple images of the new versions of the Force spells. Also couple pictures of the Force Grip.

I'm going to release the spell-bundle in near days. I can't say the exact day yet, but soon. Soon!


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Nice ! Looking forward to it ! As long as you haven't got rid force bash haha god I love force bash it's actually becoming a serious problem

  2. No, of course not. Force Bash is one of my personal favorites. It's glad to hear that you like it too. Spell-bundle is going to be released tomorrow.