Hello Dragon Hunters,

So, did you like the spell-bundle and the new spell Force Grip? Leave some feedback in the comment section.

Many people has asked if I could add the Power Of The Gods to this bundle. The answer is, Yes. I will include it in the next update. I have uploaded an update file in Steam, which removes the "blackscreen effect", after hitting an enemy. I haven't yet uploaded it on nexus, but I will. So, it means that, now when you are using Master The Space-Time Continuum, you can actually see something, after hitting enemies.

I'm already working with an update file for the bundle, but I can't say the exact release day, yet. But, I will inform you as soon as I have a date for the release.

And also,

I wanted to remind that you don't need account to post comments. So, feel free to add comments, questions and ideas below.

-I have moved the Mods that I'm currently using bar in the right side of the site, below my current creations-


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