Citizens Of Skyrim,

I have made some progress with the spell-bundle. I have added all my current spells in one ESP file. I'm doing some major changes to some of the spells. The new character Tarquan, which I created to Master The Space-Time Continuum mod, is now the person, who will sell all of my spells. Tonight I will make some changes to the existing spells and I will start creating something completely new to the bundle. One thing that I'm going to do is that I will lower the magicka cost of the spells. Also Force Fire, Force Ice and Force Lightning will get some new effects. I will give new information, as soon as I have made more progress. Stay tuned and feel free to add comments!


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  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Ste here( cant figure out for the life of me how to post with my username o.O so gotta use anonymous posting here):

    Very nice ! Was wondering when we'd get a new release from you, looking forward to it.

    Hoping the new spell you're adding will be as epic as the others to help our dovahkiins becoming even more badass !

    Thanks for all your efforts mate !