I have planned to start working with my first spell-bundle. Many people have asked for it. I'll probably add my current spells in this first bundle and maybe something completely new. 
One of the new spells could be waterwalking. Give me some ideas and I'll see what I can do about them.



  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    hey warriorkeke, just saw the suggestion box lol

    As I suggested earlier, levitation or jumping spells would be awesome. Doesnt have to be other the top, just have to feel right in the game.

    My other suggestion was some kind of protective bubble/ward that shields the player from all forms of damage (magic, arrows, spells, etc...) it could stays around the player or it could be static ( for the sake of balancing or of what's actually doable with CK ) and would dissipate should the player move too fast. So basically it would only stays activated if you stay still or walk, running would dispel its effects.

    And nowI'm just gonna throw any cool idea I can think of lol :

    -Some kind of haste spell that makes the players move faster, and if the player sprints during the duration of the spell then the world kinda slows down around him, bullet time style (basically the same as whirlwind sprint but upside down).Not fast enough to actually dodge arrows, but enough to feel like a monstruosity of epicness.

    -an npc possession/mind remote control/ swap bodies spell. Probably not something you're going to want to do as you seem to enjoy modding alteration spells but it would be cool to be able to REALLY possess an npc and make them attack their friends/guards, jump off a cliff, anything. Similar to the "tc" command spell but actually working lol xD
    To keep it balanced maybe make it last only 10 seconds or make it a toggle like with the master continuum spell.

    -Astral projection. The player leaves his/her body and can go scout ahead without getting in harms way. Invisible but unable to attack while projecting.
    Could be awesome if twinned with possession spell : player could leave his body and enter another for x amount of time til the host rejects him or something like that. Would be a pain to code, but oh my gawd it would be awesome!

    -Barbaric strength spell. Player can punch enemies and send them flying. Simple but so satisfying. Same as your power of the gods mod, but unarmed.

    -Advanced Telekinesis : Pick up alive/dead enemies and toss them around with the power of your mind! Because vanilla telekinesis blows.

    -Dichotomy spell : divide yourself in several weaker versions of yourself to deal some serious damage fast (basically a summon clone spell with a health, magicka nerf to symbolise that you divided yourself hence you're weaker), all it needs is some fancy effects to make the player feel awesome.

    -Battlefield Blink : There's some really good teleportation mod out there, but they can be a bit difficult to use while in combat ( i use motioninjoy and it still can be difficult to teleport effectively while in combat) so maybe a spell that teleports the player somewhere randomly within a certain radius to simulate evading enemies while still fighting at mid/close range.

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    -Magicka charge : infuse the player with magical energy and let him charge in his enemies to send them flying (basically mage equivalent of shield charge without the shield), in my opinion something like should have been already in the game to help mages deal with enemies when surroundered. Could be twinned with my haste spell suggestion maybe?

    -ensnare spell : well essentially it's the same as paralyze, there's something quite appealing about freezing your enemies' feet on the ground and watch them swing their blades helplessly and cursing you. Probably wont be any good for snared mages or archers but you can't have it all, plus nothing stops you from paralysing an ensnared enemy afterwards.

    -Desintegrate : I'm a big fan of 40s, 50s horror films and I always loved the disintegrate rays aliens used to have. Would be awesome to disintegrate your enemies, leaving only ash and their skeleton behind :D

    - this suggestion is not really a spell but it has to do with magic. It always bugged me that even with 100 in illusion I couldn't use my magic to brainwash guards into not arresting me, or forcing npcs to let me take their gear (similar to jedi mind tricks really)without having to pickpocket them and getting arrested for it.

    -Darth vader's force choke ? XD

    -Earthquake spell would be pretty awesome, staggering enemies and draining their stamina. Would be really useful for mage characters when fighting warriors.

    -Geomancy : to be able to manipulate the earth would be an awesome addition to any mages' spell books. I don't really know what could be done with it regarding to coding but Iknow some mods summon ice walls that have collision so maybe you could summon raise an earth pillar from underneath the player so you can have cast spells from your perched up position without fear of being interrupted and just feeling like a god. You could also raise stone walls to block incoming enemies/blocking bridges or trap your enemies in a rock prison. Would be awesome the stone pillar ( block the enemies, then raise yourself above the rock barricade and project rocks at your enemies as they try to find another route to get to you :D

    - I saw some people mentioning water spells, although i dont quite know what could be done with it. Maybe trap your enemies in a water bubble and drown them in it ? :/

    -Petrify ! There was a mod for oblivion that did that. You could petrify your enemies permanently and release them with another spell ( if you ever wanted to ), or petrify yourself so you would take nearly no damage. Would be awesome to turn a enemy camp/city's inhabitants into stone sculpures.

    -Bound armor. Because we all miss it.

    -Unlock/lock spells. For the same reason as above.

    That's about it. If you actually read it all, well done lol

    Sorry for wall of text but you wanted suggestions so now you have some xD hopefully some will appeal to your interest.
    Thanks for all the spell mods and looking forward to your new mods :D

  3. dam bro that's loads of suggestions i waz gonna say u should add spells that let u turn people into zombies but id roll with some them suggestions too
    teh shield,strength, telikinesis, and rock magic spells are gnarly if u could put em in i'd dl that shit lmao

  4. Thank you for posting these ideas. And I really appreciate that you have taken some time to wrote all of those ideas. Many of them sound cool. I'm really going to think of adding some of those. Maybe not yet in my first spell-bundle, but the second. Both of you should join members in my blog.